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Suspended ceiling in the living room: 60 photo ideas

  • Probably many have ever seen in my life ceilings in the living room on the colorful pictures or visiting friends. This modern, stylish solution that undoubtedly looks very aesthetically pleasing. Along with the desire to decorate the hall with such a straightforward designs come doubt: whether they are reliable, convenient, diverse, and whether they will fit in your space? In this article we will try to answer all your questions!

    Stretch ceilings Living Room: Features

    There are several types of suspended ceilings, but each of them consists of a frame on which the canvas is hung tight. Thus, native ceiling hides behind the new "extension", which can take from 10 to 50 cm high walls. For which the owners go to such victims?

    - The first reason is fairly obvious - to hide the flaws of the original surface, such as cracks or stains. Even after a thorough putty will not work to achieve a result that provides a stretched fabric.

    - Under the suspended ceilings in the living room, you can hide the beam, communications or install built-in lights.

    - The canvas of PVC film is able to protect the living from the flood, accidentally (or intentionally) organized by the neighbors from the top. Of course, such situations do not happen every day, but their effects can turn into a real grief for the interior.

    - Installation of a stretch ceiling - is a profitable investment in the future, as the service life varies from 10 to 15 years. This is subject to regular maintenance, which is easy to implement in the home.

    - Even the synthetic surface is considered to be environmentally friendly and totally safe for health.

    But the main reason is a neat appearance and a wide variation in design. You can choose not only different colors but also the texture, shape, pattern. These properties allow you to enter the ceilings in almost any interior.

    Additional coating itself can "dim" the noise from the upper flat, but this effect for gain mounted layer of polyester fiber, which provides sound insulation. This moment makes the ceilings even more desirable acquisition for the living room.

    The variety of textures and colors, the ceilings may be adjusted for different interior styles in the living room, harmoniously complementing them.

    Stretch ceiling for the living room in classic style

    For the classical interior room is not recommended for a glossy finish and vibrant coloristic. The easiest option - white matt ceiling with a chandelier in the center. In order to diversify it, you can take a gray or beige color images with strict abstract patterns, in special cases - print a picture of the classical masters. It will be good to look at the amount of perimeter.

    Stretch ceiling for the living room in a modern style

    It is a real field for experimentation with shapes or drawings. It is important not to get carried away and try to keep a balance, drawing on motifs from the interior to which the ceiling should form a coherent whole.

    Although the effect of "starry sky" is more often used in the bedroom, in the living room can also be a separate area to decorate the square dot "lights" that gently twinkling in the daytime and create a mystical atmosphere in the evening.

    Stretch ceiling for the living room in a minimalist style

    As a low-key style, minimalism is offering a limited number of options, but it is better to stop on the first one: matte stretch ceiling white color, which blends in with the volume of the walls, erasing all borders in the living room. A little help to decorate the ceiling fixtures.

    Stretch ceiling for the living room in the Scandinavian style

    In terms of decoration Scandinavian style a bit like a minimalist, but it offers more freedom for decorating. It is appropriate to look two-level ceiling around the perimeter and a more "prominent", but still strict fixtures. In the Scandinavian style is dominated by white, so clearly all the colors of the question.

    Stretch ceiling for living in high-tech style

    In the interior, promotes "high-tech", with their practicality, functionality and slightly futuristic view, the ceilings will fit perfectly. When this can not be afraid to use a glossy coating, dark shades, geometric designs or complex lighting system. But all these elements must comply with the design of the living room.

    Colors not only have an impact on the human psyche, but also can transform the interior, as well as the mood in it.

    Versatile option that is combined with all colors and has the ability to balance them. For example, if the living room is very bright furniture and dark walls create a gloomy atmosphere, the white suspended ceiling smooth out the effect emerged.

    There is an opinion that such a coating faster noticeable dirt. But PVC films do not accumulate dust and are easy to clean conventional detergent which does not contain alcohol.

    Living with a large area can afford the luxury of a black stretch ceiling. This is a very stylish solution for the modern interior which gives the space a certain depth. To top visually pressuring tenants need to purchase fabric with gloss effect and install bright lighting.

    Despite the fact that the take bright shades for ceiling coverings is not recommended in the spacious modern living, they may look very profitable. Their white balance "framework" of the plasterboard and diffused lighting. Try to keep this color was only the first level, so bright colors are not hung over bathroom.

    Stretch ceilings in the living room allow us to establish a multi-level lighting system that provides light every part of the room. But this point need to plan in advance, as mounted devices will not work after the design of the plant.

    The primary light source may serve a traditional chandelier in the center of the room, especially if it is decorated in a classic style. The unusual effect is achieved by a linear illumination perimeter ceiling, which releases its "convexity". Spotlights will help create a soft diffused light.

    It is recommended to pay attention to color and cover, as the lighting sometimes forms an interesting illusion. For example, glossy surfaces reflect light, thereby increasing brightness and opaque or dark conversely - muffle.

    Note that for the delicate PVC film does not fit all kinds of lamps. It is sensitive to high temperatures, and therefore it is recommended to buy the LED or energy-saving devices.

    Stretch ceiling for a small living room

    Often the owners of small apartments, wanting to save precious meters of space, avoiding the installation of suspended structures, thus depriving themselves of their merits. But following just a few guidelines can help to safely enter a ceiling in the interior:

    - No bright colors and black. Better to stay on neutral colors, ideally - white. He will fill the living room light. You should also take into account the important rule: the ceiling finish should be the same, or a few shades lighter than the walls.

    - gloss, mirror-like, has the effect of continuing the space, thereby increasing its visually. But this option is not suitable for all styles. In such situations it is possible to limit self-colored matte tension ceilings.

    - The priority is a simple design without waves, cones or other shapes. Smooth single-level ceiling will look elegant, neat and stylish.

    - Not the last role is played by the lighting system, which should evenly illuminate the living room, not riveting attention to the light sources. Excellent for this suit spotlights and a small lamp in the center.

    Stretch ceilings in the living room - Photo

    We hope our article will help you understand the features of suspended ceilings for living and their aesthetic properties. We have prepared a selection of photographs, which further details the variety of design solutions. Enjoy watching!

    Stretch ceilings in the living room: types, design, lighting, interior 60 photo

    The use of suspended ceilings in the living room allows you to quickly and easily correct the shortcomings of the existing ceiling cover for the repair, do without lengthy and expensive work on leveling the surface and achieve maximum aesthetic expression. It is possible to emphasize the functional areas, as well as add to the room volume and "lift the ceiling" - is enough to choose the right design stretch ceiling and the material from which it is made.

    Design of stretch ceiling in the living room: types, materials, texture

    Stretch ceilings decorated buildings in ancient Egypt - stretched along the top of the room with a damp linen cloth on drying shrinkage and gave stretched, resulting in a smooth surface. Later for this purpose began to use silk fabrics, and their color is picked up in the color of the walls and furniture. Modern ceilings appeared a little less than half a century ago, and has since become very popular because they have a very diverse design and wide range of applications.

    Stretch ceilings can be divided into two types:

    • Film made of PVC foil. Have seams since PVC web has a small width, and some fragments have to be welded together. Have a wealth of expressive possibilities, since they can be applied to any image, and, in addition, to give any texture: gloss, matt, "tkanevuyu9raquo ;. Minus: afraid of low temperatures and accidental punctures, cuts.
    • Seamless made from mesh fabric, impregnated polymer. The material can be acoustic, as well as semi-transparent - in this case, lamps placed him give a beautiful diffused light that opens up new possibilities for interior design. Withstands low temperatures, does not sag over time, provides a complete gas exchange.

    The texture canvas for suspended ceilings are divided into:

    • Glossy. Have "zerkalnymi9raquo; properties as well reflect light and thereby able to increase the illumination and visually enlarge the living room, which is widely used in the design;

    • Matt. Suitable for most interior styles, as they can be painted in any color and do not create extra shine.

    • Satin. Have a surface resembling a fabric that allows the ceiling to look stylish and expensive.

    Important: Glossy web increases in light, and, in addition, "udvaivayut9raquo; lighting, which should be considered in the development of lighting design.

    In addition, the fabric can be stretched to the ceiling at different levels. This complicates the design, gives expression and individuality, as well as allows you to hide under the cloth tubes, ducts, electrical wiring. In accordance with the number of levels of suspended ceilings are divided into:

    Two-level stretch ceilings in the living room - the most common solution. They have the most flexible expressive power without unduly complicating the design of the room. In addition, having two levels of fabric of different patterns and textures, you can achieve the effect of the expansion space and increasing the height that it is particularly desirable in the living room, which is the main room in the house.

    Stretch ceilings in the interior of the living room: styles

    Stretch ceilings in the living room may have different versions of the design, so their choice is very wide, which allows for any style of the living room to find a suitable solution.

    • Classic. Matte fabric surface, combined with the traditional colors - white, beige, light gray create a magnificent backdrop for the classic interior design living rooms. You can use two-level structures of suspended ceilings and the application of the higher of the drawings, echoing ceiling frescos of ancient interiors.
    • Modern. Complex "rastitelnye9raquo; line, clear boundaries, a combination of vibrant colors - all these features of the style can be reflected in the ceiling structure.
    • Country. Flatten matte ceiling one shade - the best choice for "narodnyh9raquo; interior design styles.
    • Ethnics. African, Indian and other exotic options of interior design can also be used ceilings. In this case, they can be combined with wood ceiling panels, complemented by national ornaments, sophisticated decor.
    • Minimalism. Solid ceilings, white or light beige, blue, gray tones located at the same level as the best suited for this style understated. They can be both matte and glossy, depending on the design problems with the design of the living room.
    • High tech. Glossy fabrics, as well as paintings with coloring "under the metal" will underline the selected style and will look harmonious with the other pieces of furniture.

    Suspended ceiling in the kitchen-living room

    Quite often in apartments with open-plan living room combined in one volume with a kitchen - it's convenient, visually living room seem more spacious. In this case, the main design task - to visually divide the area where food is prepared and a living area. Usually this problem is solved by using color and texture of finishing materials - paint or wallpaper for the walls and floor and ceiling coverings. Often the floor in the kitchen area is raised on a podium, or, on the contrary, is lowered to the floor in the living room.

    The use of suspended ceilings will emphasize the zoning, and it can be done in different ways.

    • Colour. The ceiling can be positioned in the same level, but to do it in different colors, for example, above the living room "chastyu9raquo; it is the traditional white, and over the kitchen - the color of the kitchen furniture.
    • Height. Location suspended ceilings at different levels will also help to emphasize the zoning in the living room with kitchen. In this zone can be allocated as a simple geometric shape, and complicated rounded. A higher level, as a rule, have in the living area, the lower - in the kitchen area, which is quite justified, because it is there is usually necessary to hide ducts and pipes.

    Stretch ceilings in the kitchen-living room is usually made of PVC, since caring for them easier than in the tissue, and the ceilings in the rooms where food is prepared, get dirty faster.

    The lighting in the living room with a stretch ceilings

    Design light schemes for tension structures has some features that take into account the properties of the web, from which are made ceilings. PVC film has high strength but softens at higher temperatures, which is used in its assembly.

    However, the operation of lamps, produce heat, can lead to deformation of the web and its ugly sagging, so it is recommended to use energy-saving bulbs, including LED for them. The film does not allow to mount chandeliers and other lighting fixtures directly to her, fixing must be equipped to install it, and canvas to make a hole in the places where they are located attachment.

    Standard lighting options are as follows:

    • Central. Chandelier in the geometric center of the room provides general lighting. Typically, the design used in conjunction with floor and wall lamps.

    • Point. Lamps are placed in different zones of the seating according to the scheme provided for seating design. They use energy-saving lamps that consume little energy and emit almost no heat that can distort the ceiling covering.

    • Contour. Backlight LED strip can accentuate the contours of a multi-level ceiling, or create the impression of "paryaschego9raquo; ceiling if attach it to the ledge that visually make the room above. The tape provides "holodnyy9raquo; light without distorting the fabric, which, moreover, it can be any color, and change the mood owners of the apartment.

    • Raster. Lamps equipped with reflective plates give a very bright light, and appropriate only in large rooms.

    The combination of these variants in different combinations to create a comfortable, functional and beautiful lighting schemes, individual for each living room.

    Hanging lamps for ceilings in the living room

    The most suitable lights are point - they provide a uniform illumination, virtually no heat, and allow to effectively identify functional areas, while also saving energy.

    Spotlights can be any shape and size, all determined by the design of the room. Chandeliers are an important decorative element of interior room, but their choice in the case of suspended ceilings has its own characteristics. If the bulb in the chandelier are located close to the ceiling, ceiling must be directed to the side or down to reduce the thermal load on the sheet.

    Photos of suspended ceilings in the living room

    On the photos presented below - examples of the use of suspended ceilings in the interior of the living room.

    Photo 1. The minimalistic interior is decorated with fancy hangers, reflected in the glossy ceiling.

    Picture 2. Chandelier original design emphasizes the main living area - sofa.

    Picture 3. A complex form of the ceiling gives the design a living personality.

    Photo 4. The dark central part of the ceiling with a glossy effect enhances the depth of the interior and gives it volume.

    Photo 5. Two-color ceiling enlivens the classic design of the interior and gives it dynamism.

    Photo 6. A two-level design emphasizes the rectangular design motifs.

    Photo 7. Specular fabric increases the height of the room visually.

    Photo 8. The central zone is allocated the glossy surface of the ceiling.

    Photo 9. The matte fabric creates the effect of a classic whitewashed surface.

    Found a mistake? Select a movie and send it by pressing Ctrl + Enter.

    Stretch ceilings in the living room, a photo of the original design of interiors

    Many of us think that the original ceilings in the living room, photos of which adorn the covers of glossy magazines on design, we are not available. But this is not the case. Do not be afraid, start to do, and your house will turn into a replica of the interiors with the pictures. Even if you are not familiar with the basics of design art, do not worry, because our art and created in order to help you to understand the choice of suspended ceilings to the living room.

    To help you form your idea of ​​a stretch ceiling is necessary to have an idea of ​​the variety of colors, shapes and textures of stretch fabrics. It is from these characteristics of suspended ceilings we met first and foremost in our article. Stretch ceilings can be made of different materials, from this and depends on the texture of the ceiling. In order to understand what living you prefer, you can examine the proposed picture, and on the basis of which to draw conclusions about acceptable for you invoice. So, there are the following types of fabrics surface:

    • mirror surface;
    • imitation coating of dense tissue;
    • web-like metallic luster;
    • surface texture of marbling;
    • glossy fabric made of PVC.

    To understand what to choose ceilings, you must know what your living room. In the photo you can see a lot of interesting ideas, but not all of them can fit it under your room. So remember a few nuances of choice stretch fabrics:

    1. Cloths with the texture of fabric and satin surfaces will help to get perfectly smooth ceiling without unnecessary glare and reflection. Thanks to the matte texture of paintings manage to maintain a classic, rigorous style of the room, in fact perfectly smooth plaster their essential attribute. Such webs most affordable.
    2. For low ideal option would be living mirror, glossy fabrics and surfaces with a metallic sheen as they are visually increase the height of the room. Preference is to give a light shades of fabrics, so you enhance the effect of the wide spaces and high walls.
    3. Stretch ceilings are dark shades will create an impression of low ceilings, so not every living room will look original. But some interior photos speak in favor of this choice. And with that we can not accept, as long as the dark stretch ceiling fits harmoniously into the whole interior. However, you should be careful when choosing a stretch fabrics of dark color with a suede texture. They create the feeling of a dusty and dirty surfaces.
    4. Gloss undisputed leader of ceiling structures. It is suitable for rooms of any assignment, whether en suite, swimming pool, living room or nursery. It is only important to come up with an interesting design. The color palette of glossy stretch ceilings richest. Especially original look such canvases on two-level ceilings with lighting, and proof of this are numerous photos of interiors.
    5. Billing marble, wood, metal and nacre canvases are used only for the creation of a small interior accents. To cover such a large canvas surface is not necessary for reasons of aesthetic and financial, such as the most expensive ceiling.

    When choosing the color of stretch ceiling should not rely solely on your taste, because the color effects on man and the interior space is very important. Whatever ceilings you choose, your living room should be harmonious. As can be seen in the photo, the color of the interior plays an important role, so listen to our advice:

    1. Any color can have many shades. Even if you are under the wallpaper or furniture suitable brown ceiling should not make it too dark. Dark colors create a feeling of pressing the space and the ceilings seem lower.
    2. Light colors visually expand the space and make it easier and lighter. Mirrored ceilings in light colors visually increase the height of the room.
    3. If you use too bright and open colors, such as red, green, purple, it is not necessary to use them too much. Over time, this can irritate and annoy. Bright open colors in the decoration of the ceiling may be only in small areas and in detail to create color accents. These colors must be maintained in the interior of other objects of the same color.

    When you have decided what you like ceilings, should think about their form. The living room is different, so its beauty and originality can be emphasized more, and well-organized form. As seen in the photo we have proposed, the shape of the ceiling can visually adjust the dimensions of the room. Thus, in the form of suspended ceilings are divided into:

    1. The ceilings of the classical form. This type of ceiling coating is performed in a smooth flat surface disposed both horizontally and at a right angle to you. These paintings are most often used to align the base of the ceiling to hide communications. Their texture and color can be very diverse. With this construction, the base decrease in the ceiling surface will be the minimum (about 30 mm).
    2. Multi-level ceilings. Not every living room boasts a sufficient height for the device of ceiling structures, but as seen in the photo - it is the most attractive and interesting solutions Ceiling. A flight of fancy with this decision the ceiling just unlimited. The number of levels in such constructions can be anything, as long as the height of the room allows you to recreate this masterpiece. Multi-level ceilings allows the combination of different colors, textures and even materials. Smooth transitions, bends, interesting lighting - all this only increases the originality and beauty of the ceiling. Another advantage of multi-level ceilings - is the ability to perform functional zoning premises. Thus, by means of projections, bends and levels can be emphasized in the living area for relaxing or eating. Details of these ceilings can repeat certain elements of decor room, blend in with the furniture and decoration of the walls.
    3. Arched ceilings. These ceiling structures allow you to change the size and shape of the room due to the smooth transition of the ceiling on the wall. Thus, a living room with vaulted arches will look very different than with conventional rectangular outlines. On some pictures you can see that the arched ceiling technique is used only in some areas of the surface, for example, over a bed or TV. Most interesting is that installation of arched ceiling is not complicated. It can be done in places laying various communications. Besides paintings, enshrined in the form of an arch can be as necessary to dismantle and then again put in place, for example, if you want to get to the communications.
    1. Suspended ceilings in the form of a bell. Your living room can be transformed beyond recognition due to the three-dimensional shape of such a ceiling. In the photo below you can see how unusual it looks like a room with a ceiling construction. Ceiling Bell attribute many of the cathedrals, palaces and museums. He brings to your home the atmosphere of pomp and grandeur. With such ceilings are well combined lamps and sconces in the classic style. Depending on the depth and diameter of the bell vary manages office form. Going into the walls of the ceiling can be smooth, broken or clearly delineated. Most often ceiling-bell made with PVC canvas glossy texture. Such ceilings are suitable for seating in a classic and avant-garde styles.
    1. Form of an inverted cone. Tension ceilings such forms may be as a supplement in the ceiling structures, and the main surface. Living room with the ceiling should be of sufficient height and area. In the picture space with a ceiling-cone, you can see that this ceiling construction is very well combined with a colonnade and interesting lighting. Inverted cone allows you to hide all the communication overhead. And the shape of the cone itself may vary. So, you can choose a truncated cone, oval, circle, drop, square, etc.
    1. Undulating surface. With flexible guide ceilings can be fixed in a curve. And your living room does not need to be curved in the plane wave can be created in the vertical plane of the ceiling. An example of this can be seen on the ceiling of the proposed photo. Shelves in the form of soft flowing waves is simply amazing with its beauty, grace and perfection. If the height of your living room allows, you can play whatever you like with the height and intensity of the wave. The main thing is that the result justified the effort. Wave can propagate along one wall, or along all the walls. It can fade or be uniform along the entire length. It all depends on your imagination.

    Tip: if you want to achieve the effect of sea waves on his ceiling, then follow the waves of different heights around the perimeter of the room. In combination with blue or blue glossy stretch ceilings you can recreate the effect of sea surface.

    As you can see, such a variety of forms of suspended ceilings can help you achieve the desired effect and diversify your living room.

    Placers stars on the ceiling of the living room

    Modern design can be called a miracle ceilings with simulated "starry sky". Guess how to transform your living room with the ceiling, it is possible by looking at the proposed photo. But here without professional designers and builders can not do. To date, there are several ways to create the effect of the night sky:

    • combination of dark glossy ceiling and crystal lenses with a variety of cut allows you to create a visual effect of shining stars on a background of the dark surface of the ceiling;
    • the use of fiber-optic strands helps recreate the effect of scattering of stars. If desired, you can not just randomly place the thread, but only up to recreate a certain portion of the night sky at astronomical maps;
    • through the use of LEDs can achieve imitation clusters of stars and constellations;
    • to recreate the effect of the Milky Way and the starry background thread used with face glow.

    Tip: If you want to upgrade your old ceilings, there is no need to completely change them. You can arrange to have the effect of starry sky and your living room will sparkle with new colors.

    Many practical tips for choosing the device and suspended ceilings can be found in the proposed video

    How much you will manage the purchase and installation

    So how much do we cost ceilings? This issue is of concern to many, because everyone wants to have their living room was as pictured. Of course, we all understand that, in each case, the price will depend on the room size, complexity of design, material selection, its manufacturer. We will try to give you the basic rates for the most common list of materials and labor, which is most often used when installing suspended ceilings, and you already decide for yourself that will be used in your case.

    So, the installation of matte stretch ceiling you will manage on such rates:

    You want to have your living room was decorated with glossy canvases, as in the photo? Whereas such ceilings will cost you at the following prices:

    Stretch ceilings metallic colors you can set in your living room at the following rates:

    Installation of aluminum structures for the curved tiered ceiling will cost you 5,000 rubles for each meter. If a ceiling is planned in future to mount zakarniznuyu backlight, its installation will cost 7000 rubles per meter.

    We should also mention the printing on the ceilings. Printing on matte and satin cloths worth 1970 rubles per square meter. In 3180 rubles will cost you to print on one square meter glossy fabric. Three-dimensional printing more expensive, per square meter of 3D printing is worth 4900 rubles.

    We hope that our recommendations and advice will help you bring your idea original and harmonious living room to life.

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