Changing table for babies

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Changing table for babies

Without waiting for the birth of the future member of the family, parents are beginning to plan for the purchase, to the first days of the maximum care to surround him. Pelenators not always gets to the list of necessary things, and yet it is a great invention saves time, effort and nerves of the newly-fledged mom. The question is whether the changing table is needed, with the birth of the baby is no longer a dilemma when you have to perform all the household and hygiene manipulation of weight or leaning in three deaths. So why not take care of the comfort of advance?

Why do we need a changing table

Someone might say that Pelenators - an optional luxury. Really, because in every apartment there is plenty of surfaces on which you can change clothes baby! But when these manipulations have to travel a dozen times a day, running around the room in search of diapers, powders and creams, the care of the child begins to go beyond the concept of a happy motherhood. Diapering, dressing for a walk, change diapers, soiled clothes when feeding, massage and hygiene, air baths - this is not a complete list Pelenators appointments.

Most persistent decide to dispense with changing table, laying on the altar back health, already weakened by childbearing. Wise mother unequivocally inscribe this uncomplicated thing in the interior of a child's room.

Pelenators usually designed for children in the first year of life. But in fact, most of the parents are free to decide how many months before the required comfort station, based on the characteristics of growth and development of their child. Usually Pelenators "dozhivayut9raquo; up to six months, because at this age a child begins to actively learn about the world, trying to move independently and at the slightest careless risks kuvyrknutsya on the floor. Therefore, the baby's temperament is override the manufacturer's recommendations.

It has a value and its growth: Pelenators length is usually 70-80 cm, and when the child outgrows it, the use of the table becomes uncomfortable.

The changing table can be replaced

Refusing to purchase a changing table for financial reasons, parents or adapted to perform all manipulations with the baby on her knees in her bed, or show imagination and create their own work area on any of the free surface. Sometimes Pelenators turns an ordinary desk, the laid oilcloth and blanket, sometimes changing the baby adapt wide window sills.

In all of these to replace the existing drawbacks: low functionality (no handy shelves and organizer with tools, powder and diapers), in the case of a sofa - not enough solid surface, which is so necessary to the kid to develop coordination and massages, and insecurity due to the lack of constraints. Therefore, conditions when the main device is to provide improvised Pelenators bead, its stability and elasticity.

A variety of changing tables today is staggering. They are made of plastic, metal and wood, fixed and foldable, with shelves and drawers, and sometimes even provided with a tray - how not to get confused young mother! But it is not all that difficult. The main thing is to analyze its conditions and narrow down the search to models that meet the necessary criteria.

Today's reality is that not every young family has footage that can accommodate all the innovations developed for the care of the baby and its development. Undoubtedly, we can successfully raise our children, and if there is a cot, so the pot trays. But manufacturers have found a way to make life easier and mothers living in cramped conditions, has developed a variety of mobile Pelenators. These include:

  • tables on folding legs;
  • hanging wall model;
  • textile changing mat with sides that can be stored coiled into a roll and take on the road;
  • hard-Pelenators board for installation on the edge of children's cribs and other surfaces.

If the children's room has a free bedside table or shelves, which can move up to the mobile Pelenators and decide for themselves the functionality of the problem, there is no reason to pay more. What if the store diapers, jars and tubes of nowhere? Separated from your baby, even for a minute, Mom risks to catch him on the floor with all the ensuing consequences. The presence of the shelves, boxes or organizers - is a very important criterion, which borders security. Mom will never lose the tactile contact with the child and would not allow his injury, if its choice is:

Such variants have another advantage: they can be used all the subsequent years of life as a stone for things or toys, because Changing mats in many stationary models performed removable. Commode also protects the contents from dust.

As a separate species worth mentioning special Pelenators with built-in tray that allow you to combine bathing and dressing procedure and not to torment his child temperature contrasts. After bathing tub closed hinged cover, which is swaddling surface. If, however, in the bathroom and without Pelenators not turn around, you can use the same mobile Langering boards, placing it on the washing machine.

How to choose a changing table for a newborn

Whatever the manufacturer's recommendations and pediatricians, when searching Pelenators parents often repelled by two factors: its price and size.

Do not think that the financial possibilities very limit the freedom of choice. the cost of changing table very often truncated version of the well-known European brand is equal to the price of a full chest of the domestic manufacturer. In any case, the most readily available are mobile models.

You can see it here:

The price range from 900 to 1500 rubles. you can purchase quality Langering boards (for example, Russian Polini Classic - 1000 rubles and Fairy - 1450 rubles or Polish Ber Ber Dino - 1400 rub...), and adding a little more - and the domestic folding table with legs (for example, "Feya9raquo; from 1500 rub.).

If space allows, it is better to choose a changing table stationary. Shelves and drawers fit perfectly into the interior, will be "vzroslet9raquo; together with the baby, changing only its content. The price range of this acquisition will be from 3 to 7 thousand. Rub. for domestic products (dressers "Feya9raquo; of veneer chipboard shelves or solid wood from Angela Bella), and 8-15 thousand rubles.. for foreign models (laconic German tables from Geuther or bright Italian hi-tech from Brevi). Choosing fashionable pendant or table model, equipped with bath, should be prepared to spending up to 20 thousand. Rub. and higher.

Confronted with the question, how much is changing table, many parents lose sight of other important moments:

  • materials from which it is made, must be environmentally friendly and anti-allergenic;
  • vlagoottalkivayuschey coating should be selected, but not slippery;
  • all parts of the structure should be easy to clean;
  • should choose Pelenators with a maximum length that the baby did not grow in the first months of his life;
  • ergonomics - easy opening of boxes, stability, non-slip feet - will be the undisputed advantage.

"Somehow we ourselves have grown without Pelenators" - thought by many mothers, striking this device from the list of compulsory purchases for the newborn. And then remember the tired faces of their own mothers and realize: yes, you can do, but at the cost of their own health and comfort. Yet motherhood is not a victim, and the happiest times for a woman performing his great mission - to continue the human race.

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Changing tables: 5 popular models for newborns

When you are in the house baby table for changing save time and energy of parents. It is difficult to overestimate Pelenators functionality and convenience in its use. My mother will not have problems with the back of the numerous slopes and manipulation of the child. Everything you need is always at hand, and the kid under supervision. Overview of models and 5 comfortable changing tables will help parents in choosing the subject for a newborn.

Forms changing tables: the pros and cons of different types of tables for changing table

In stores you can find Pelenators 2 kinds: mobile and stationary.

TO mobile changing table relate:

mobile constructions good for small apartments , in which there is no extra space for the overall furniture. These tables can be called hiking: they are easy to fold, and you can make trips to visit or to the country with them.

Stationary model - the most convenient Pelenators. In contrast to the cell structures, such models are part of home decor. They are functional, safe for children and easy for manipulation. Pelenalnik selected according to adult height, which makes it easier for baby care, without overloading the spine mother. It is convenient to carry all kinds of swaddling.

Functionality and mobility.

Easily folded and transported from place to place.

You can take it with you if you have to go to visit or make a sortie to the country.

Not enough space for hygiene products.

Instability foldable legs on uneven surfaces.

It does not take useful area.

Is fixed at a comfortable height for mum.

Equipped with a small shelf for personal hygiene infant.

In some models, provides holders for diapers.

Very small shelves that do not contain all the necessary care items.

Convenient, mobile version pelenalnika.

The board can be used on a table, couch, or to fix it to the crib baby.

Perfect for small apartments.

Limited functionality: no adaptations for care items, hygiene and clothing of the child.

Mat is indispensable in the party, with the campaigns to the doctor and on trips.

It is compact, easy to fold and erased.

There are models with headrests, bumpers, covers and pockets for diapers.

The need for frequent washing shortens the life of the Pelenators.

The child should not be left on the mat unattended.

Dressing up in the bathroom after water treatment is convenient for mom and baby.

The child does not have to experience a sharp drop in temperature.

With impractical Pelenators tray: miniature tubs of the child quickly grows.

Resistant to uneven legs, often equipped with wheels for moving around the apartment.

A lot of space for a variety of children's accessories: from personal care products to clothing and toys.

Suitable for rooms with enough space.

Versatility, ease of use.

As they grow older kid removable Pelenators develops, creating one more shelf.

Subsequently, a chest of drawers serves as ordinary furniture for storing clothes.

This model takes a lot of space and is relevant only for large apartments with a separate room for the newborn.

5 most comfortable changing tables - the popular models and manufacturers

Changing table - practical gift new parents on the birth of your baby. If you plan to also do your loved ones a gift for a new baby, then sort out the pros and cons of 5 popular models will help our review.

What's changing table convenient and when it is not needed at all - mothers tips on choosing and buying

Changing tables manufacturers have tried to do everything to facilitate the young mother for child care. What choice to make depends on the parents' preferences, the price they are willing to pay and the size of the apartment. But it is difficult to understand in a diverse range of products offered to those who first makes such a purchase. Not to be mistaken with the choice, we listen to the advice of experienced mothers who point to a number of requirements for future acquisitions.

What to look for when choosing a changing table?

  • The height of the table. A very important parameter. From it will depend on the health of the spine of a young mother and her comfort. Pick a table under the howling growth.
  • Movable tables. Trolley on wheels more convenient due to the fact that they are easy to move around the apartment, as well latches on wheels Secure special tool in any position.
  • baby's health . Choose a model of natural materials, the best wood.
  • Take care of the future. If you allow your home area, it is better to buy a changing dresser. Functional, spacious and serve your kid for many years after he gets out of the cradle.

Some moms disguised happy kids on Pelenators. But other moms uncomfortable disguise child bent over pelenalnikom. Often they prefer normal adult bed. A certain percentage of parents prefer all manipulations with his successor to carry out, sitting on the wide, soft surface. And there are some advantages. Comfortable sitting than standing. There is no fear that the child is a few months after birth becomes very nimble and vortkim, fall from the table as soon as you turn away.

If you do decide to buy a changing table, we hope that the information in the article will help you choose the best option for your baby.

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Changing table for babies

After the birth of the baby's parents begin to think about what pieces of furniture will be extremely necessary and what you should pay attention to him. Recently, before the young parents often question whether to purchase a changing table or try to do any other means necessary, such as a desk or dresser. And if you do decide on a purchase, it is better to choose? Which of models to choose?

Most of the parents at the moment is not too clearly understand that it is a changing table and why is it, strictly speaking, necessary. After all, in fact, you can use the "improvised means" and not spend extra money. But if we turn to a specialty store or browse the various articles on the Internet, you can see how many different models can offer you the modern market. Let's take a closer look.

  • Classic changing table. It is a wooden table on a fairly high legs, with specially equipped baby's changing place which is surrounded by special bumpers. In addition, under the sink can be a small shelf. If they are, then the table becomes more like a cabinet, bookcase, where you can put diapers, diapers and various hygiene items without any problems.
  • Changing table-transformer. table The name speaks for itself. Multifunction table, Height adjustment, shelves you can not only change, but also very clean. Depending on the mode selected a changing table can be pedestal-stand, table games and creative activities, etc. Naturally, for a long-term service and the exceptional quality of these tables will have to pay a lot of money, so that only you can decide whether it's worth it.
  • Changing table for the bathroom. In appearance much like a normal bookcase. Given the fact that it is intended to be used in the bathroom, where humidity is almost always make these tables from materials that are not afraid of moisture - plastic and metal. Like changing tables are compact and lightweight. Many changing tables equipped with special built-in tray, which greatly simplifies the process of baby swimming. Tray is located at the ideal height for you, so do not have to bend down low to her.
  • Suspended changing table. This table is securely fixed to the wall at the chosen height and displayed only when you need one. All the rest of the time he leans up without too much space and not disturbing anyone. We have special wall Pelenators capacious pockets that all the necessary things were always at hand, and for the safety of the baby at the edges fastened restrictive bumpers.
  • Changing dresser. Unlike conventional dresser has a special, enclosed bumpers, place for swaddling a waterproof soft bedding. It serves a dresser than a year, reliable and very stable. It's worth noting that it has a fairly large size, so if your apartment does not have the necessary number of places, give preference to anything else. Of course, a wide chest is much more convenient to use, as in this case, provided more space for the baby and for mom. The baby will be very roomy, because there is more space for charging, massage and growth remains.
  • Langering boards. A popular and very practical option for those who are not prepared to provide a lot of room for Pelenators. Due to its rigid framework, this board can be used anywhere: on a table, on the chest, on the washing machine, on a side bathroom. To secure the board has special grooves in which it can be attached to the bed or any other piece of furniture. After use, you can clean Langering boards in the closet or hung on the wall.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing a changing table, you should definitely pay attention to the following points:

  • Natural materials. Also important the fact that the changing table must be made because of natural materials that are safe for the baby's health. For example, latex, wood, etc. The mattress should be made of water-repellent and easy to purify materials.
  • Convenience table. It can be equipped with wheels and brakes.
  • Stability. It is important that he was steadily fixed pelenalnik
  • Roominess. Try to choose the most spacious table, because the child will grow up very quickly, and on a small pelenalnike it will be closely
  • The presence of the shelves, pockets, racks, etc. All this is not in every Pelenators, but it is an added advantage in the selection table. On them you can put all the essentials so that the right things were always on hand without difficulty.
  • Moisture resistance. If the selected table is made of wood, then ask how moisture-proof material, and what is its warranty period.

How much is the changing table?

As the price of changing tables, then there is a variety of ranges in the same wide range as the choice of the piece of furniture. The cheapest solution would be, of course, changing board, it can be purchased at the borders of the 630 before 3500 rubles. Quite budgetary allocation of funds, agree. Folding table for a bathroom will cost you from 3600 before 7950 rubles, but do not forget that this model is not suitable for every apartment. Wide range of choices Swaddle drawers, also a huge variety of prices. From 3790 up to 69000 rubles, it all depends on the manufacturer, size, materials and other factors. Suspended changing table can be purchased for as low as 3299 before 24385 rubles. Again, it all depends on the manufacturer. After all, the same domestic tables will cost much cheaper than Italian. But here you have to decide what is better for your pocket and requirements.

We bought yourself changing table made of wood with a wide top and bumpers. She then buy in addition to it a simple flexible mattress. The table stood in the nursery near the crib and we used it from birth to 1 year. I recently just literally dismantled it and took him to his parents for safekeeping until the next replenishment of the family. A mattress I still lying on the washing machine in the bathroom. Constantly on it I wipe your baby

Before the birth of the baby clearly set a goal to buy a changing table, because I know how much it is convenient. From the outset, I decided that it should be a compact but roomy, so you can easily disassemble and rearrange it. As a result, together with her husband decided to buy a changing table with bath, now generally on the choice of his not regret. It is perfectly entered in all the requirements that we originally set. At the same time, which is very convenient, because it can be easy to pour the water, it is placed with us everywhere and he still has two additional shelves. By the way there is also all the necessary accessories for a baby changing mat placed.

Us to the birth of friends gave a table with 4 drawers and a folding shelf. I change clothes baby long on it, because the back does not hurt to use. Quite conveniently, all the basic things like sliders, bodykit and so are on hand, and in the bottom drawer rattles pile up for the night.

Before the advent of the first child bought changing table combined with a chest of drawers. In fact, it is useful to us only for the storage of children's clothes for some time, and even a massage course. Then I think things will not fit in itself komodik too small for this. Simply take longer for that special shelf in the closet. The first course of massage we had 3-4 months and everything is normal, and the second is 6 months is worse, because the child is placed there completely stopped. So for these purposes you can use a normal table (both actual and changing mat) - still a while it all. Dress the child can be on the bed. Now there is pelenalnik - shelf on the bed-arena, which was bought specially for the second child. Somehow more like, as tilted to the side, if you do not want to use, and more often it has put to bed the child, especially the first time. It is convenient to put the baby, something like a cradle turns. Not the most necessary thing in the house, of course, but not bad and can be very, very useful.

I have never been and there is no changing table, I think it's a waste of money. Veshchichki children lie on a shelf in an armoire. Some most necessary cosmetics - the same place and the rest of cosmetics (in my case, it's everywhere). Pampers - a big pack - standing leaning against something. Swaddled baby in his bed. The massage is performed on the washing machine and then on the bed. Still heard a lot about where the kids with these pelenalnikov fall.

If you are in search of the changing table, or have experience in his choice, share with us! It is very important to know your opinion!

Posted September 17th, 2012 Filed under: Children, Family

Children fall from changing tables? So do not leave them there unattended! He and your bed may fall, if you do it one place. And with your machine washing. I do not think you go out of the bath, while the child there "lies and dries." In general, I and chest-pelenalnik and board. Happy - to the horror! I're not in diapers, and diapers from birth kept, so do not know how I would cope if there was one thing. Especially with a newborn when they are 25 times a day to write. On the dresser was preparing a clean cloth and gauze diaper. And on the bed lay an empty board and waited for the hour H. How to wake up my queen - I unwrapped it on the board, all the dirty diapers lie there with her in the bath and the bath - a clean dry on pelenalnike. Fall asleep - I'm in the dirty laundry, and a new batch of pelenalnike often cook. In general, it was possible to do one, but it will need a little more time. And it so happened that we have bought one, and the second gave us. I myself would have thought of 2 things duplicate buy. But it turned out - very cool! ))))

The idea is that all these devices are really only needed in the first year. My 10 months, already want to sell dresser, maybe dressing made - and there has shelves for daughters of things. A board will leave - it does not take place at all (I do not like the picture, but generally flat and a horseshoe-shaped rim is 3 cm high).

Nevertheless, I advise everyone - even the board, even a chest of drawers, though .... in general, anything, as long as not to bend the back - very easy to rip! A restore with a baby - is unrealistic. Only when he had enough self-will, and you do not have it regularly on hand to wear.

P.S .: board we have is 800 rubles. Is placed on the bed, the place does not take. No holes in the wall. Installed on crib, D it does not interfere. As soon as your feet will take, and kick - start to clean up. But at this point, and chair them less often, and the board is not heavy.

I do not see the point in changing table. Waste of money and clutter the room. Of course, if you have extra money, you can buy anything.

Chest Carlo bought the M12, very similar to the 11 blows, but no dresser pelenalnika and also Furniture Factory "Olymp-furniture". Furniture stinks pungent smell for two weeks, the horror is not recommended for infants.

If you open all the boxes at the same time - leans forward, so we need to be fastened to the wall.

Furniture nice, but shaky, when building a little stronger finger pressed on the wall - there was a dent in plasticine. * Cheap, cheerful *

BabyDesk universal - for the whole family!

"For a long time I doubted whether we even need a changing table as a small apartment with three children, each meter on schetu.Sovershenno chance on the internet to see the wall changing table, interested, to study the issue. It turned out that a table space-saving, very securely attached to the wall at a selected height and displayed only when it is needed. Moreover he was 4 to 1, it pelenalnik is table games and creativity, this magnetic -markernaya board and easel. Analogues of these are not met, your choice satisfied "

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